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The Legend

The Johnny Longboat legend is just that.  We cannot substantiate or differentiate between any facts or myths.  One thing is for certain, the Hurricane that hit this area in September of 1928 with 180 mph winds, was one of the worst Palm Beach county has ever seen.


It is said that Johnny Longboat was a poor fisherman living in Pleasant City, which is now part of West Palm Beach.  After the storm had subsided Johnny poled his boat down Lake Worth to discover that the bridge to Palm Beach Island was totally wrecked from the storm.  He went ashore to find people in need of help, and transportation to the mainland.  JL worked through the day and night, helping families get back to the mainland.  He struggled to bring what food and fresh water he could carry back to the island on every return visit.

It is said that Johnny saved and comforted many people and families that day.  He is an unsung hero of this area and why this restaurant is his namesake.

  Leonard Fortune, Proprietor


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